Rod & Denyse Simair


Internationally acclaimed ceramic artists Rod and Denyse Simair have represented Canada in major exhibitions in Europe and North America.  Their name has appeared in over sixty publications.  They are the sole recipients of the highest international honour that has been awarded exclusively for Crystalline, Le Grand Prix du Jury, presented in France.

The Simairs merge their talents, with Denyse’s meticulously developed glaze formulations and complex firings harmoniously bringing to fruition Rod’s elegant and masterfully thrown original porcelain designs.

Rod has a natural bond with the wheel.  To him, beautiful forms and scale are all joyful “physics in motion”, as a part of him is transferred into the energy of each and every piece he creates.

Denyse incorporates the abstract and familiar together with developmental glazing techniques.  Her work has been described as having a “familiar warmth, with a touch of intrigue and mystery”.

Visionaries in their field, Rod and Denyse combine their abilities in a way which highlights one another’s strengths, producing award winning distinctive works of art that can be found in many countries.

The exquisite vases by Rod and Denyse Simair include some of the rarest in the world, particularly in the areas of large wheel thrown raku and of crystalline glazed porcelain.


Simair Crystalline

Phone: 306.763.6314


Gallery Representation:

Simairs’ Gallery, Prince Albert, SK
Collector’s Choice Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Gallery 421, Kelowna, BC
Lando Gallery, Edmonton, AB
The Black Spruce Gallery, Northside, SK


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