Ron & Rusty Kurenda

kurendaRon & Rusty Kurenda are founding members of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. In 2008, after 35 years marketing work for 40 to 50 other Saskatchewan artists, they retired from their retail pottery shop in downtown Saskatoon. They now enjoy devoting their time to their pottery craft.

Their first love continues to be functional work; purposeful pieces which are a joy to own, a pleasure to use and a tasteful gift to give others. It is with great attention to detail and function that Ron and Rusty carefully handcraft each distinctive piece.

In 2009, 120 Kurenda pottery pieces made their way to the Canadian Marketplace at the Cheongju International Craft Biennial in Cheongju, Korea. Ron and Rusty mounted a solo gallery exhibition at the Francis Morrison branch of the Saskatoon Library in 1986 and hope with retirement to once again consider exhibiting their work.

Rusty began her training with private classes in the winter of 1972, followed by classes with Folmer Hansen and David Ross at the Summer School of the Arts, Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Yet even 36 years later, they continue to develop their technical and artistic skills by attending workshops and seminars with some of the greats in the ceramic world including Daniel Rhodes, Carlton Ball, Joe Fafard, Michael Cardew, Robin Hopper, Bill Shinn and John Chalke and David Leach.

Ron & Rusty believe it is equally important to pass on what they have learned by teaching at workshops, seminars and as mentors to others. Ron served as President of the Sundog Arts Society for 7 years. Rusty has served on the Board of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and is a past Chair.


Prairie Pottery
Phone: 306.242.8050

Gallery Representation:
SCC Fine Craft Boutique, Saskatoon, SK
Clay Studio Three, Saskatoon
McQuarries Coffee Merchants, Saskatoon, SK
Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
Traditions Handcraft Gallery, Regina, SK
Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK