Sheila Schmutz

SheilaFurSewingFor many years, Sheila has fashioned clothing and accessories from fabric as her favorite pastime, taught as a child by her mother. Professionally she has studied the genetics of coat and fur color and gradually became interested in incorporating fur into her sewing. She has had some lessons working with fur from Volker Laudensack in Germany, who is Director of the Bundesfachschule für Pelz- und Lederbekleidung. Sheila is committed to using Canadian fur, predominantly wild fur. She is interested in promoting the use and wearing of fur in honour of our Canadian fur trapping heritage and in respect for the many northern peoples who still depend on fur as part of their livelihood. Thus Wear Our Heritage has become her logo. Some items would fall under the theme of “Medieval and More” because they can be worn as part of Medieval costumes for Renaissance Faires and banquests, but also worn as typical winter wear as well.

You can find Sheila selling her work at the Prairie Paladin Medieval Market & Faire on September 26, 2015 at the University of Saskatchewan and at the Western Development Museum Christmas Craft Fair on Oct 16 & 17, 2015.



Wear Our Heritage

Phone: 306.382.8964



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