Welcome to the virtual version of our popular Dimensions 2021 Selected Works Gallery! 130 works by 83 Saskatchewan artists were submitted for consideration. Basketry, clay, fibre, glass, jewellery, metal, mixed media, paper, photography, printmaking, sculpture, seed beading, and wood are represented in these works. Our jurors David Freeman and Jane Kidd were hard pressed to choose 35 pieces for this exhibition. To view all the submissions for Dimensions this year, visit our virtual Open House which will be available until Monday, May 3.

Congratulations to:

Marcy Bast, Mel Bolen, Allison Brandt Malinski, Susan Clark, Ron Cooley, Cecilia Cote, Jane A. Evans, Terri Franks, Michel Fulop, Kamron Garbe, Gary Greer, Jude Haraldson, Heather Hochbaum, Robert Holowaty, Cindy Hoppe, Grant Irons, Sarah Lightfoot Wagner, Dale Lowe, Morley Maier, Chloe Meadows, Cecile Miller, Claude A. Morin, Akiko Muromura, John Peet, Deborah Potter, Evan Quick, JoAnne Sauder, Regan Schneider, Jeff Stewart, Donna Stockdale, Lorraine Sutter, Ba-Hung Tran, Reuben Unger, Deb Vereschagin.

Dimensions 2021 Selected Works

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Meet our Jurors: David Freeman and Jane Kidd


David Freeman has custom built exquisite musical instruments since 1980, training emerging luthiers since 1986. He builds with traditional & alternative woods, researching new sound concepts, drawing from various Masters. Acoustic design and structure are important, working with the subtleties of sound board thicknesses, bracing, mass, stiffness and wood types to develop different sounds. In addition to traditional pearl inlays, David has used agate, jade, jewels, and silver in his instruments. He has used both stone and metal as stand-alone carvings and jewelry pieces. David operates a private vocational school in musical instrument construction in Tugaske, Saskatchewan.




Jane Kidd currently lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Her beautiful, technically demanding and conceptually rich tapestries provoke profound questions about handcraft, disciplinary knowledge and the importance of bringing historical practices into the contemporary art arena for critical discussion and debate. Her work is to be found in private and public collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Alberta Art Foundation, and The Canadian Museum of History.  In 2016 she was awarded the Saidye Bronfman Award, a Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Arts, Canada’s foremost distinction for excellence in the visual arts. Photo credit: John Cameron





Contact Maia Stark, Steph Canning, or Leah Moxley Teigrob at scc.exhibitions@sasktel.net.