SCC Holiday Boutique & Pop-Up

A new opportunity to sell your craft for the holiday season!

Call for Holiday Boutique & Pop-Up 

Due Tuesday October 12 Deadline 

We currently have a pop-up shop on Broadway, across the street from our gallery. It featured the work for Art Now, and coupled with our Boutique, is attracted new buyers. This empty building (the former Foster Shoes) is available to us until the first week of January. We are going to use this opportunity to expand our Boutique, and to increase the amount of inventory we can make available to the public. We are offering each of you the opportunity to participate in this expanded boutique and our online shop.

What do you need to do?
Fill out the inventory sheet and sign the Boutique agreement by Oct 12. It’s important that you follow our timelines as there is a lot of work on our end to get inventory in our online store, and our management system.

For more information, click here.

Once completed, please email a copy to our Boutique Coordinators at

Click here to download a copy of the Inventory List as an Excel Spreadsheet to your home computer. Once completed, email to

Click here for more file options. *Download a Copy by clicking File, Download, then select your prefered file type. Open file from your download folder and click Enable Editing. Once completed, email to

The conditions of participation include:

Craftsperson Responsibilities

  1. Ensure you are a member in good standing (renew your membership with us if it is lapsed!)  
  2. If you do not currently have a consignment agreement with the SCC Boutique please fill out the following Consignment agreement. 
  3. Completion of an inventory sheet that the SCC will provide you with, outlining all information that the SCC will need to sell your work. Communicate with SCC staff regarding shipping (see point 3 and 4 below) 
  4. Artists are requested to provide a brief biography for a printed artist card and have a Member Profile in the Membership Directory on the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s webpage. For examples of this, please visit: 

SCC Responsibilities

  1. Your items will be added to our inventory, labelled with a price tag, your name, and displayed in our brick and mortar shops
  2. We will photograph, weigh and measure the work for inclusion in the online shop
  3. We will assist you with costs of getting your work to Saskatoon; please talk to us in advance of shipping as we may be able to coordinate shipping with other members
  4. The SCC will be responsible for shipping the work to customers (you will not be charged for any shipping costs or packaging material) and will staff both shops Mon-Sat, 10AM-5PM
  5. The SCC will run a promotion campaign including billboards, print media, and social media
  6. Payment, along with a sales report, will be made to you, six to eight weeks after the sale; and the SCC will retain a 40% commission on all items sold. 

The selection of work will be made based on availability of space and balance among other pieces; all works must follow SCC juried criteria. 

For more information about the process, check out the Boutique Artist Application Form.

We encourage you to submit photos of your work, but it is not required for your application. Photos can be sent using Dropbox and WeTransfer to

For helpful tips for doing product photography, check out our SCC Photography Guide.


Contact our Boutique Coordinators

306-653-3616 ext 0