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North Star 24″ Standard Slab Roller

Asking: $700 OBO (New, this slab roller is worth between $1,200 – $1,300)
Location: Regina, SK
For more information, call: 306.543.3145.

For general specifications, visit the North Star Equipment website.


Custom Pottery Glazes

Potters who want to make a glaze, often have to buy quantities of materials beyond what is called for in the glaze recipe. This can result in a surplus of materials that may/may not get used again, storage of these materials taking up valuable studio space, and most of all, the cost of keeping inventory that you are not using on a regular basis.

CERAM CANADA will make your glaze for you! You submit a glaze recipe, and it will be measured, mixed, and delivered to you in the DRY state. You add the water, sieve ,mix and use to your own specifications. CERAM CANADA is not responsible for finished results.

Send us your glaze recipe and the total amount you require (in grams), and CERAM CANADA will send a detailed cost estimate to custom make your glaze for you! Prices of materials are in accordance with the current material price list of TREE (Saskatoon, SK Ceramic Supplier), using the 2.5 kg cost. Handling and delivery/shipping are added costs.

See example below:

Navy Cone 6 Glaze Recipe
Raw Material % cost/kg $/2,000g $/10,000g
Cobalt Carbonate 4 137.88 11.03 55.15
Feldspar Custer [Potash] 20 1.8 0.72 3.60
Flint [Silica] 20 1.8 0.72 3.60
Frit 3134 20 7 2.80 14.00
Kaolin – EPK 20 2.2 0.88 4.40
Wollastonite 20 2.78 1.11 5.56
TOTAL 104% $17.26 $86.31
Handling $5.00 $10.00
(includes bucket)
Shipping / Delivery $5.00 $10.00
TOTALS $27.26 $106.31