Alani Caruso-Fitterer

Alani Caruso-Fitterer is a clay artist based in Saskatoon. Her work draws inspiration from the cyclical process of clay and our relationship to land and place. Fluid and reusable, changing from states, until made static by firing and encapsulating a moment of creation infinitely. Playing between craft and contemporary art, her practice explores aesthetics of the lunar cycles and water repetition as ritual, and tools of survival in physical and psychic spaces.

Since graduating with a BFA from NSCAD University, she moved around before settling in the prairies in 2016, when she started Lune’s Essentials; a line of small-batch ceramic jewellery and pottery. Using hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques to create delicate earrings and sturdy vessels, Lune’s Essentials is a continued response to lunar cycles and conscious simplicity. Passionate about accessibility and community, Alani has facilitated ceramic workshops and art classes for beginners of all ages.


Phone: 306-717-4118

Gallery Representation: Hazelwood, Saskatoon