Chen Shen

My sculpture, :)-ish, takes the widely used “smiling face” that we use in our daily digital chats as a starting point. This smiling face can contain many meanings that not only express friendliness and inner happiness. When it is flipped upside down, it can also define disguise, sarcasm, and negativity. The nails that outline the mouth and eyes add a dot-to dot design and provide tension for the yarn. It seems to add an element of anxiety to the face that you don’t see in the smooth, digital versions. The yarn knitting created a long tube that hangs down from the plywood face; I can also wear this with the plywood face on my head. I will display this hanging in one orientation with adjacent photos of it inverted and of me wearing it.
My idea is that everyone wears a mask in society. To integrate into society or fit into social norms, most people try their best to show their good and positive side. Adults will not efficiently remove their masks and show genuine emotions in public. We fake to behave and always act cheerful: but do we need to?


Phone: (639) 998-1289
Instagram: @beni_shen