Janet Williams

Janet is a Saskatchewan-born artist who creates paintings that remind us of the simple things in life, while generating an energy that is infectious. She captivates the interest of the viewer through her bold and unique color palate, which graciously lends itself to bringing her whimsical figures to life on the canvas. Janet has enjoyed watching her work evolve as she continues to experiment with various mediums to extend and develop her skills. Her work speaks volumes and translates into any language, which makes it accessible to anyone. She invites you to take part in the conversation.

Janet has had a number of solo shows in Saskatoon and is currently in the Art Quest and Pomegranate Art groups. Throughout the year she takes part in local events like Art Fest, Broadway Street Faire, Sundog Arts and Crafts Faire, River Landing Market, and Folkfest.


Email: info@janetwilliamsart.ca
Phone: 306.665.6324
Website: janetwilliamsart.ca