Jo Shepherd

Jo grew up in Moosomin, Saskatchewan on a farm with two siblings before moving to Winnipeg for university. While there, she learned some basic printmaking techniques at the fabulous Martha Street Studio, a workshop and shared artistic community space. Jo found linocut to be an especially enjoyable and flexible art form, and continued to work on small projects at home. After moving to Yorkton in 2015 with her young son Milo, Jo was able to buy her own printing press and more supplies, and has participated in two arts and craft markets since then. She loves to make custom prints as gifts, and is always trying to challenge herself with more complex layered pieces. Bright colours, a painterly approach to applying ink, and an interest in natural forms characterize her linocut style.


Owl Eyes Printmaking

Email: owlprintthat@gmail.com
Phone: 306.516.7563
Website: owl-print-that.com