Kate McKinley

kate-mckinleyKate Mckinley may be known more aptly as Weaselware Pottery. Kate had a ferret for seven years who was her best friend, so what better way to honour a friend but name something after him, thus the name Weaselware Pottery. Kate moved to Regina eight years ago from BC where she was an avid potter and was listed in numerous stores in Northern BC and as far as Vancouver. She primarily throws stoneware that is for everyday use. No piece is usually the same, they are all one of a kind. “I don’t sit down at my wheel knowing what to throw; I let the clay talk to me and what happens, happens.” Kate also creates some Slab pottery pieces which are unique and versatile for everyday use. The other medium Kate likes to work with is glass. She will use recycled glass from windows, windshields & glass plates to create candle lights and also functional bowls. “I want people to use my pottery in their everyday lives, I don’t want the pieces I make to sit on a shelf, they are meant to be used and enjoyed.”

Kate is not a full time potter, but has a studio in her home where she is able to be creative when she has down time from her full time job.


Weaselware Pottery
Email: klamckinley@gmail.com
Facebook: Weaselware Pottery

Gallery Representation:
Traditions Hand Craft Gallery, Regina, SK
Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Moose Jaw, SK