Kimberly Sakundiak

Based out of her solar powered home studio in Lumsden, Kimberly has been creating jewellery for as long as she can remember, mostly for friends, family and the occasional craft sale. Excited to learn new techniques and explore her creativity, she has expanded her jewellery making skills through medium exploration and formal courses in silversmithing and lapidary. Kimberly takes inspiration from mid-century design, contemporary trends and a love of travel & nature. Kimberly works in recycled brass, sterling silver, semi-precious stone and enamel on both copper and fine silver. Pieces are crafted by hand from scratch using traditional metal smithing techniques. Taking cues the local landscape, Kimberly sells her work under the name Hawk & Aspen which is derived from memories of a childhood spent on the Saskatchewan prairie. Her work is available online and in person at craft shows in Regina and Saskatoon.