Kristin MacPherson

Kristin’s Saskatchewan roots in the visual arts run deep. As a young child growing up in Bethune, Saskatchewan, she was quickly immersed in the family’s devotion to the arts. Her family members painted, sketched and sculpted, with young Kristin seeing their art displayed everywhere. Witnessing adults constantly creating and appreciating the arts, she quickly developed in that environment a desire to create beautiful things that could be appreciated.

Kristin opted for two years at Medicine Hat College to explore graphic arts, followed up with two years at SIAST Regina Campus. She graduated from SIAST’s Applied Photography Program in 1997. Marriage in 1997 and the birth of three daughters in the decade following graduation from SIAST slowed the art production but failed to extinguish the need to create. In 2008, Kristin began working as a commercial photography assistant with her friend and mentor, Greg Huszar. Those six years brought her back into her a creative career full time. A 2010, Neil Balkwell experimental acrylic course enabled Kristin to rediscover her love of paint. Through this return to the craft emerged the seeds of her own modernist style.

Kristin currently owns and operates Kristin MacPherson Studio. She is using her varied experience within the arts to create custom commissioned portraiture for her clients. Her acrylic paintings and photographic prints are available for sale at various venues in the Regina area.


Phone: 306.540.5210