Leila Olfert

leila-olfertThe question of why I create has been one of long-standing. The ‘need’ to make something that expresses my anxieties, joys, and beliefs – in others words, my inner being – is an integral part of me. When it becomes an obsession – and it often does! – I think of nothing else except for the challenge that I have created for myself. These challenges that I make for myself have allowed me to grow in understanding my skills, my problem-solving abilities and the interpretation – and representation – of my experiences. Often, the process is more important then the end product.

Textile surface design is my medium of choice – maybe because I like the fluidity of the fabric – maybe because of the easy accessibility of materials – maybe because I like the feel of fabric – there are lots of reasons. Colour is an important factor in my work – the unpredictability of dyeing fibre intrigues me. The exploration of fibre, colour, texture and the three dimensional world of fibre and found objects is my current challenge.

My inner being says I need to make things – so I don’t protest. I just do it.