M. Craig Campbell

m_craig-campbellThis is what my wife says about me: “You create because you have to create. You like the feel of metal, you like the potential in metal. You like the noise, the smells, the fire, and the weight of what you do. You like to open the doors and let people wander in. You never tire of telling people about the material, techniques, joinery and finishes.”

Blacksmithing is my third career: heavy equipment operator, office worker, and now, artistic blacksmithing. I took up the hammer twenty years ago as an escape from the chains of desk work and it slowly overtook all else. I enjoy the challenge of one-of-a-kind pieces and exploring a theme via a sculpture series. The most fascinating aspects of blacksmithing are the warm and wonderful people I meet and the endless learning potential. It has allowed me to meet and people from local and far that have enriched my work and my life. Blacksmiths worldwide are a friendly lot and my craft has led me around North America and across oceans to visit, work with and learn from others.


Phone: 306.244.3945
Website: m.craigcampbell.ca