Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson designs and creates one-of-a-kind fine silver jewelry at her home in Saskatoon, SK. Inspired by her late father Reuben, who worked with silver and semi-precious stones, the name MauReu (Mah-Roo) honors his memory and influence. Maureen has studied at Saskatoon, SK and Phoenix, AZ. She has been designing jewelry with various mediums and participating in trade shows for three years. Maureen has taken classes in Precious Metal Clay in Edmonton, AB and received her Art Clay Level 1 Certification. This enables her to be a Level 1 Certified Art Clay Instructor.

Maureen designs with Fine Silver precious metal clay that becomes pure silver metal once fired in the kiln. The soft clay is kneaded, rolled, texturized, shaped, sanded, dried, fired in the kiln, and polished. The fine silver shines and signifies the refining process in our lives.

Many of the pendants are enhanced with a Viking Knit chain weaved with 26 and 28 gauge Fine Silver wire. The weave in the chain represents the different directions we have walked on our journey of life and how all those experiences have weaved together to make us strong.



MauReu Designs

Phone: 306.230.2737
Facebook: MauReu Designs
Instagram: @maureudesigns

Retail Representation:

Joyne Creative Marketplace, Saskatoon, SK