Meryam Ghafoor

A versatile visual artist and teacher, Meryam Ghafoor was born with a sharp eye and love for fine arts. Her passion lays in working with wire, beads, and clay to create miniature sculptures and décor. Nature — trees and flowers in particular — often influence her work. She has a passion for teaching others and has dedicated a part of her practice to training young aspiring artists. Meryam is a self-taught artist from Pakistan who recently moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. With over 25 years of experience working with different mediums of art, Meryam has founded four private schools in Pakistan that emphasize the importance of fine arts. She has Bachelor degrees in physics, chemistry, and mathematics and a Masters degree in Education.

Artist Statement

Trees inspire me due to their grandeur. Their lines, size, and colours have a strong appeal for me as a visual artist. I find it meditative to create sculptures of them from wires and a bowl of beads. We have to develop an appreciation for trees which are essential for human existence and a symbol of hope and growth.


Art by Meryam

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