Miranda Jones

miranda-jonesI like to dye my hair bright colours and make art with whatever I can lay my hands on. I especially like to play with fire and heavy metal but mostly I paint, on pretty much anything, (only recently branching out into blacksmithing and metal fabricating). I also play with wood, printmaking and drawing and combinations of all the above. I moved to Canada from Australia in 1980, but can’t seem to get that red earth out of my veins nor my love of the outdoors.

My favourite colour is red, closely followed by hot pink. I love the wide prairie Saskatchewan sky mostly because it allows a creative freedom, but also because it reminds me so much of Australia. I am drawn to heat, light and colour like a fish to water, and am especially attracted to shiny things, but don’t own any rubies yet. (Get the hint Jim?). I often wonder if I was a bird or a fish in a past life.

Being Sagittarius, I need to move, on foot, on my bike, on skis, or in the water. I try to create movement in my art. I also study and teach yoga which helps me find the balance and discipline necessary to sit still long enough to make art. Animals inspire me. I could watch them for hours and I am owned by a bad cat called Bob. I also love stories, travel, ancient myths and legends, children’s paintings and folk art. Yoga keeps me grounded, art helps me fly, and between the two of them I strive to find balance and joy in my life here in Canada.

PHOTOS: All photos by Trent Watts, except “Aloft”


Email: metallic_miranda@hotmail.com
Phone: 306.244.8919

Gallery Representation:
Darrell Bell Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Nouveau Gallery, Regina, SK