Submitted by: Stephanie Canning, Exhibitions and Education Coordinator

While pursuing some past DIMENSIONS catalogues, I came across a list of all the past jurors up to 2001. I have updated the list and shared it with you here. It is interesting to note that for many years DIMENSIONS had 3 jurors, many of which were not craftspeople, but instructors, curators and arts administrators. In 1993 Dimensions had 1 juror and every year since has been juried by 2 craftspeople – 1 local and 1 out-of-province. The SCC Exhibition & Education Coordinators are responsible for inviting craftspeople to jury Dimensions. Taking into consideration the jurors expertise and looking for jurors that will complement each other.

DIMENSIONS came into being when Alex Dillabough, Mayor of Battleford, lobbied the Government of Saskatchewan for some promotional assistance linking craft and the tourism industry. Exhibitions were organized by the Saskatchewan Department of Industry and Commerce in 1974 and 1975 in conjunction with the Handcraft Festival. The newly formed Saskatchewan Craft Council (SCC) provided a jury in 1976, and the first Premier’s Prize was awarded in 1977.

Who would you like to see as a DIMENSIONS juror?

1974 –   Victor Cicansky, ceramic artist, Regina, SK.
1975 – Cathryn Miller, Saskatoon, Franklin Heisler, ceramic artist and instructor, U of R, Louise Walters, painter, Saskatoon

1976 –   Kaija Sanelma Harris, weaver, Saskatoon, SK; Wayne Morgan, curator, Regina, SK; Marline Zora, ceramic artist, Saskatoon, SK. (First adjudicators provided by the SCC).
1977 –   Gary Essar, quilter/curator, Regina, SK; Mel Bolen, ceramic artist, Humboldt, SK; Elly Danica, weaver, Marquis, SK. (first Premier’s Prize presented)
1978 –   Franklyn Heisler, wood sculptor, Saskatoon, SK; Ric Gomez, sculptor, Regina, SK; Annemarie Buchmann – Gerber, mixed media/fibre artist, Prince Albert, SK.
1979 –   Paul Lapointe, wood sculptor, Saskatoon, SK; Ric Gomez, sculptor, Regina, SK; Annemarie Buchmann-Gerber, mixed media/fibre artist, Prince Albert, SK.
1980 –   Victor Cicansky, ceramic artist, Craven, SK; Carol A. Phillips, curator, Regina, SK; Lorna Cutting, visual artist, Saskatoon, SK.
1981 –   Robert Billyard, ceramic artist, Saskatoon, SK; Nancy Vivian, weaver, Vancouver, BC; Doris          Larsen, visual artist, Saskatoon, SK.
1982  –  George Glenn, painter, Prince Albert, SK; Adrienne van Riemsdijk, jeweller and metalsmith,      Winnipeg, MB; Jack Sures, ceramic artist, Regina, SK. (juried exhibition named Dimensions)
1983 –   Randy Woolsey, ceramic artist, Ruddell, SK; George Fry, crafts instructor, Frederiction, NB; Jane Turnbull Evans, curator, Regina, SK.
1984 –   Deborah Forbes, weaver, Medicine Hat, AB; Donal McKinely, furniture designer, Mississauga, ON; Linda Milrod, curator, Saskatoon, SK.
1985 –   Les Manning, ceramic artist, Banff, AB; Don Stuart, metalsmith, Barrie, ON; Peter White,              curator, Regina, SK.
1986 –   Judith MacKenzie, textile designer, Nanaimo, BC; Patrick Close, mixed media, Regina, SK;
George Glenn, painter, Prince Albert, SK.
1987 –   Karen Cantine, metalsmith, Edmonton, AB; Matthew Teitelbaum, curator, Saskatoon, SK; James Thornsbury, ceramic artist, Vancouver, BC.
1988 –   Elizabeth Kirby, weaver, Ottawa, ON; Sandor Nagyszalanczy, editor, USA; Gisele Amantea, visual artist, Regina, SK.
1989 –   Clyde Jones, woodworder, Mendocino, CA; Diane Mortensen, weaver, Vancouver, BC; Frances Burke, ceramic artist, Edmonton, AB.
1990 –   Lois Etherington Betterridge, silversmith/goldsmith, Guelph, ON; Sam Carter, artist/educator, Vancouver, BC; Robert Jekyll, stained glass artist, Toronto, ON.
1991 –   Marilyn Stothers, quilter, Winnipeg, MB; Donovan Chester, painter/potter, Regina, SK; Bruce    Grenville, curator, Saskatoon, SK.
1992 –   Sharon Alderman, weaver, Salt Lake City, UT; Dee Fontans, jeweller, Calgary, AB; Robert Held, glass artist, Vancouver, BC.
1993 –   Stan Taniwa, ceramic artist, Eden, MB.
1994 –   Lou Lynn, glass artist, Winlaw, BC; Michael Hosaluk, woodworker/educator, Saskatoon, SK.
1995 –   Sandra Flood, craft historian, Saskatoon, SK; Lloyd E. Herman, curator, Seattle, WA.
1996 –   Kaija Rautiainen, textile artist, Vancouver, BC; Jordan Van Sewell, ceramic artist, Winnipeg, MB.
1997 –   Marigold Cribb, object maker, Saskatoon, SK; Michael Grace, furniture designer, Nelson, BC.
1998 –   Dawn MacNutt, weaver, sculptor, Dartmouth, NS; Lee Brady, glass artist, Saskatoon, SK
1999 –   Paul Leathers, jeweller, Nelson, BC; Charley Farrero, ceramic artist, Meacham, SK.
2000 –   Susan Warner Keene, paper/textile artist, Toronto, ON; Megan Courtney Broner, goldsmith,     Saskatoon, SK.
2001 –   Pat Adams, weaver/felter, Wakaw, SK; Gord Peteran, furniture maker, Toronto, ON.
2002 –   John Chalke, clay artist/instructor, Calgary, AB; Don Kondra, furniture designer/craftsman,
Saskatoon, SK.
2003 –   John Little, blacksmith, East Dover, NS; Wendy Parsons, clay artist/instructor, Moose Jaw, SK.
2004 –   Doug Taylor, mixed media artist, Livelong, SK; Patricia McClelland, weaver/educator,    Dartmouth, NS.
2005 –   Brian Gladwell, woodworker, Regina, SK; Ron Kong, curator, Vancouver, BC.
2006 –   Anita Rocamora, ceramic artist, Meacham, SK.
2007 –   Karen Schoonover, curator, Regina, SK; Paul Sasso, woodworker/educator, Kentucky, USA.
2008 –   Jamie Russell, woodworker, Vanscoy, SK; Sandra Alfoldy, professor – craft history, Halifax, NS.
2009 –   Mel Bolen, ceramic artist, Humboldt, SK; Chantel Gilbert, metalsmith, Montreal, QC.
2011 ­–   Paul Lapointe, wood worker/printmaker/painter, Batoche, SK; Jane Kenyon, textile artist, West Vancouver, BC.
2013 –   Michael Hosaluk, woodworker/educator, Saskatoon, SK; Susan Rankin, glass artist, Apsley, ON.