Deadline: May 2


Have you purchased work from an Emma Auction in the last 5, 10, 20 years? Please consider contacting for the opportunity to showcase it in a curated exhibition!


Curated by SCC Exhibitions and Education Coordinators Stephanie Canning and Maia Stark, this exhibition of works from previous Emma International Collaboration Auctions will be selected from private collections. This is a window into the compelling world of art collectors and their personal take on collecting, as well as a celebration of the legacy and history of the Emma International Collaboration!

Curio will be installed June 30 through August 28, 2018 in SCC Gallery and will be the location for the big Emma Reception kick-off for 2018’s International Emma Collaboration!

We are looking for artworks by local and international artists purchased at Emma Auctions. No size restriction is required for submission. This exhibition will be curated and not every submission will be selected. The SCC Exhibitions Coordinators are willing to view pieces in collectors’ homes, depending on travel availability.

In your submission please include the following:

  • A photo OR description of the piece(s)
  • Approximate dimensions
  • Title; Artist(s); year it was purchased (if this information is available)

Please submit your information to by Wednesday, May 2.