Submitted by: Stephanie Canning, SCC Exhibitions and Education Coordinator, on behalf of Rowan Pantel


Artist Statement

My artwork is an investigation into the memory of where I grew up along the North Saskatchewan River, and the stories and personal folklore that developed out of this place. Through my artwork I explore, create, and share my personal folklore with others by building a physical space that the public can move through. I create immersive environments with a variety of media including, printmaking, drawing, paper cutting, and photography. This work is heavily influenced by an interest in childhood perspective and memory, as well as the childhood memories of surrounding family. I am fascinated by the idea that individuals can hold altering, corresponding or contradictory views of a single event.

My aim is to place the viewer inside a physical manifestation of my memory, where the audience feels comfortable to explore, daydream and remember. The manufactured forest in the gallery is meant to provide viewers with a new and shared collective experience and displace them outside of the traditional gallery view. My goal is to create art work so the viewer will leave the gallery still thinking of a game they used to play as a child, a path they use to wander, or a fantasy they repeatedly acted out or a dream that crossed into reality.

Rowan Pantel

Cynefin can be viewed at the Affinity Gallery, 813 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon SK, from February 27-April 11, 2015.