Submitted by: Sydney Luther, Communications Assistant


The Saskatchewan Craft Council runs an Emerging Artist Market Experience Program, which allows emerging craft artists to participate in SCC markets in order to experience the market environment first hand and expand their contacts with the Saskatchewan craft community. This program gives artists in the first 5 years of their professional career the opportunity to participate in an SCC market for a reduced booth fee, without the need to be juried. There is a selection process; however the formal jury process is bypassed in order to introduce potential marketing members to SCC markets. Emerging Artist participants must be or become SCC members.

The following eight artists are the Emerging Artists who will be at WaterFront Fine Craft Market in Saskatoon on Saturday, June 27 from 10 am to 6 pm at Kiwanis Park South. Come check out the great work handmade by these talented artists!

Carrie Fahl


Carrie has been doing needle work for nearly a decade, and her love for fibre art grows every day and with every new technique she learns. Carrie was originally taught how to cross stitch by her mom and grandma. From there she taught herself free style hand embroidery using books, and continues to learn different types of needlework through classes and self-teaching. While Carrie has a general love for fibre art, hand embroidery is her main focus.

Carrie creates home décor, holiday décor, and accessories under the name Cee Stitchery. Her signature item is her hand embroidered Matryoshka dolls which are inspired by traditional Russian nesting dolls and traditional South American worry dolls. These little plush pocket dolls are hand sewn out of wool felt, and intricately hand embroidered with floral designs and inspirational phrases. Most of her creations are constructed out of cotton fabric or wool felt, and hand sewn. Occasionally a sewing machine is used in the basic construction.

Etsy: Cee Stitchery
Facebook: Cee Stitchery
Twitter: @ceestitchery
Instagram: @ceestitchery
Behance: Cee Stitchery


Vivian Orr

ORRnamentation creator Vivian Orr is a graphic designer by day and mad handcraft maker by night. Continuously curious about technology and willing to explore possibilities, she has melded the age old tradition of pure beeswax candles with 3D printing to produce a new line of contemporary votive candles.

You may know Vivian as the Communications & Publications Coordinator at the SCC. Four years ago, she created a line of ceramic Christmas ornaments in order to experience the SCC jurying process and Emerging Artist Program. This gave her a deeper understanding of what is required to be a SCC Juried Artist, plus a lot of respect for the time and effort that goes into participating in a Fine Craft Market.

This year she is back as a budding 3D printing artist and emerging candle maker! Proving old dogs can learn new tricks and apply them to centuries old handcraft traditions.

Facebook: ORRnamentation


Robyn Larsen


Robyn Larsen is a ceramic artist who makes and sells her work through her pottery studio ceramics. Robyn is based in Sasakatoon and is focused on producing thoughtfully and beautifully made functional ceramics. Each piece is made by hand – wheel thrown or slab built by Robyn in her home studio.

Robyn’s background in architecture and design has influenced her ceramic design and production processes. Her fascination with simple, delicately strong and often understated aesthetics lend to her minimalistic approach to functional ceramics. She is focused on producing functional ware to be used and loved daily. She believes in the importance of thoughtful and quality handmade goods.

Robyn lives and works in Saskatoon and currently splits her time between her job as an architectural designer and her love of pottery.

She hopes to continue to grow in her ever-expanding studio.

Instagram: @doubleblinkk


Christine Korol


Designs by Christine Korol began as a dream of building furniture primarily out of reclaimed and upcycled materials.  Finding herself without a workshop after attending Fine Woodworking at Selkirk College, Christine looked at other ways to express herself creatively.

An idea for a friend’s wedding present, followed by requests of family for custom art pieces, turned into the art she is making today which pairs wood with mirror and paint.  Staying true to her vision of using reclaimed materials, all of the wood Christine uses comes from dilapidated farm buildings that were designated to be torn down and burned.  She is proud to have “saved” the wood just in the nick of time (with a lot of sweat and tears, mind you) and delighted to be giving it a second chance to be part of someone else’s home.

Christine’s art pieces can be used inside the home or out, and make wonderful gifts, especially for newlyweds and new home owners.  Christine is genuinely thrilled that people have taken an interest in her work.  She loves making custom one-of-a-kind pieces for her customers.

Facebook: Designs by Christine Korol


Haley Kondra

Haley Kondra is the maker behind Howling Wolf Jewelry. She was born and raised in Saskatoon, where she currently resides. For as long as she can remember, she has had a love for the outdoors, which was the product of growing up on an acreage. She would collect rocks as a child, which her mother found clanking around in the dryer on numerous occasions. It only made sense years later to incorporate her love of nature and rocks with her love of jewelry.

Haley took two silversmithing workshops lead by Doug Frey, where she quickly fell in love with the craft, just as she suspected she would. She soon bought some basic tools and set up shop in a spare bedroom, where she continues to create. Using fine and sterling silver, Haley also incorporates many different stones into her work, but turquoise is her favourite. She is constantly learning and teaching herself new things, and is working to establish her own personal style. Her business name, Howling Wolf Jewelry, came from her love of the outdoors, but she also chose the name because she thought the image of a howling wolf was incredibly strong, powerful, and beautiful, which is exactly how she wants those who wear her jewelry to feel.

Etsy: Howling Wolf Shop
Instagram: @howlingwolfjewelry


Nick Saville


Nick Saville is a ceramic artist who operates his business Nixavl Bowls from his studio in Eastend, Saskatchewan. Nick makes his bowls at a wheel, and he works from the philosophy “if you are not on the edge, you are taking too much room.” The bowls that survive his process are thin, odd looking, lightweight, and colourful. All of his products are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Nick says that when he paints his bowls, he follows the philosophy of a Navajo Weaver: “The intentional irregularities of the weave represent the imperfections of humans. I do not associate the word, create, with humans. I know the bowls are here, I am just lucky enough to find some.”



Myrna Tubman

Myrna Tubman is passionate about painting. Myrna studied art while attending Central Collegiate in Regina under MacGregor Hone. She was greatly influenced by the art galleries of Europe which she visited before her marriage and return to Wolseley.

She has taken classes in pastels and watercolors from Mavis Gray, Bette Barbour, Donna Kriekle, Catherine Macaulay and Beth Gaffney. In the summer of 2001, she studied at Emma Lake under Christine Lynn. Since retiring she has established “The Highlands,” a studio/retreat overlooking the Qu’Appelle Valley at Ellisboro, Saskatchewan, which has been the homeland of her family since 1882.



Marilyn Winarski

Marilyn has been involved in a variety of crafts for many years. She holds a MSc. degree in Education focusing on Creativity in Children.

At WaterFront, Marilyn, with her business KLW Enterprises,  will be showing her ‘Annie’ Pins and various sculpted, whimsical face pins and necklaces. She has done extensive work in sculpting figures, outdoor images and holiday decor. After her Mother passed away with Alzheimer’s 3 years ago, Marilyn decided to create a specialty pin to honour her Mother’s life.  The pins are created showcasing a variety of whimsical characters, themes and colour. With the ‘Annie’ pins, a portion of the sales are donated to the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society. In addition to these, Marilyn loves to sculpt whimsical face necklaces and pins in a variety of themes. Come by for a visit to view her unique and beautiful pieces!