Anahit Falihi

anahit-falihiAnahit Falihi is a visual artist, designer, researcher and art instructor who brought Armeeta Design to Saskatoon. She works in a variety of areas including fine arts, textiles arts, mixed-media, installation arts and digital media arts. In her works, Anahit uses a variety of materials such as metal, wood, fiber, glass, as well as using techniques such as weaving, knitting and embroidery to produce fine art, wall hangings, rugs and one of a kind furniture. Her teaching and research focus are visual communication art, visual literacy, the role of visual studies in society, art education, media art and design, theory and philosophy of visual education, instructional design, costume design, installation sculpture, experimental fiber art and design, and mix-media production. She has worked with the art departments of several feature films and television series as program coordinator and art director. Anahit, who has traveled and lived in a variety of countries in Europe and Asia, believes that her works are influenced by variety of cultures. Anahit’s work has been shown in local, national and international exhibitions.She holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Marmara University in Turkey. Currently, she is engaged in teaching and research at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.


Armeeta Design
Gallery representation:
Verve Gallery, Regina, SK