Anita Rocamora

I was born in France in 1952, where from an early age I was interested in how things were made, and was blessed (or cursed) with a gigantic imagination.  I lived on the Mediterranean coast, and often found shards of pottery on the beach.  It was easy to imagine they came from ancient ship wrecks.  My grandfather dug wells, and I made pots with the clay I collected, and built kilns fired with twigs, though I had no idea of the temperatures needed to actually fire things.

In 1963, my parents moved to Canada, and I learned many new things, and fancied myself, at different times, a painter, a poet, and, in my teen-age years, all around rebel.

After some years traveling the world, in 1974 I came upon this wonderful province of Saskatchewan and met there not only lifelong friends, but also pottery, thanks to the generosity of Jack Sures, who ran the ceramics department at the University of Regina.

In 1976, with friends and potters Mel Bolen, Charley Farrero, Robert Oeuvrard, I moved to the country near Humboldt SK where Mel Bolen had previously bought an old church, and started North Star Pottery.

I have lived in worked in Meacham SK since 1985, where my studio Modern Artefacts is located. I have one daughter, two granddaughters, six cats, one dog and one wonderful and patient husband.

That’s my story…

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P.O. Box 128, Meacham, SK S0K 2V0




Gallery Representation:
SCC Fine Craft Boutique, Saskatoon, SK
Handwave Gallery, Meacham, SK