Ruth Langwieser

I am a Swiss – Canadian ceramist. I arrived in Estevan in May 2019. My passion for working with clay begun 1990 when I visited a traditional Majolica – manufacture in Umbria, Italy. This discovery changed my life. I moved from the German part of Switzerland to Geneva to study Ceramics at the Academy of Applied Arts. I cannot always tell where my forms come from. They certainly reflect themes from my daily life, and are influenced by the type of clay I have chosen to work with. This can be yellow or white stoneware, and different types of Porcelain. Sometimes it seems to me as if these beasts had chosen me to appear and we have to tame each other. Therefore, I place them into all kinds of different environments. This process can take several years until their right presentation is found. Almost from the beginning, I have included light in my work. I observe how a shape changes its appearance when the light and the surrounding space is shifted. I install a scene to create an atmosphere.


Phone: 306-421-8938