“Crass Swamp Ass Mug” by Shaun Mallonga

Written by: Shaun Mallonga, artist featured in “The Narrative Dish II” in SCC Gallery


Beauty is a beast hiding in the grout and grime of a tiled bathroom wall. Feeding on accumulative plaque, nail filings, gargled water and fresh dandruff, Beauty predates us with sharp teeth ready to strike at an unsuspecting throat.

“Drop the Soap” by Shaun Mallonga

I work with filth to summon beauty in the alchemical intersection of the sacred and the profane. I peek into the fantastic cavity where beauty wafts off the skin of queer marginal bodies. In this cavern, I behold a cast of diverse, awkward characters voguing in aesthetic leftovers scrounged from early Medieval art, Filipino folklore, and Gothic architecture. I illustrate and sculpt these characters to narrate and affirm my own experiences with transition, adaptation, and speculation as a queer first-generation Canadian.

– Shaun Mallonga