Lindsay Embree

The primary focus of my art from 1980 to 2002 was printmaking, specifically stone and plate lithography, intaglio, silk screening and relief printmaking. In 1996 my interests began to shift from printing on paper to printing on fabric. This evolution was due primarily to my involvement with theatre (costumes) and the craft community of Saskatchewan. My participation in collaborative art making events such as the “Emma International Collaboration” (Saskatchewan) and “CollaboratioNZ” (New Zealand) has had a huge impact on my work. Working with (and alongside) numerous artists who possess different skill sets and methodologies has greatly influenced my art practice. My current work is One of a Kind “wearable/unwearable” art pieces created for exhibition purposes.

Much of my time and energy over the past 10 years has gone into producing The Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala (SWAG) in 2013, 2015 and 2017. After three successful wearable art gala’s, I wanted to do something different. In 2019 I envisioned and co-produced “Ancient Elements:  An Evening of Wearable Art, Poetry, Music and Dance”.  “Ancient Elements” was a two-hour, live flamenco performance featuring musicians and dancers from Canada, the USA and Spain. The wearable art pieces in this show were made from silk that I eco-dyed in New Zealand and were fabricated in collaboration with two Canadian fashion designers.