Saskatoon Glassworkers’ Guild

The Saskatoon Glassworkers’ Guild is a privately funded, registered non-profit glass art organization consisting of 33 members in May of 2021. The Glass Guild was formed in 1987 to promote the development of glass art and glass artists in the Saskatoon area.

Members of the Guild are committed to providing a positive identity to glass art and craft through mentorship, education, art exhibitions, and community demonstrations. Guild membership expertise spans all levels of the glass craft from the novice to the professional. Several professional members are nationally and internationally recognized artists and these members provide active support to less experienced members.

The Guild remains a vibrant organization through the varied interests and expertise of its members and has a critical support mass and infrastructure focused on the glass art form. Member interests include leaded and foiled stained glass, etching, sandblasting, painting, fusing, kiln casting, glassblowing, beadwork, lampworking, lamination, design and colour techniques.


P.O. Box 7213,
Saskatoon, SK
President: Betty Gibbon