Written by: Candace Chickowski, Gallery Assistant

Future Food: Seeds of today’s harvest is our future bread by Oriol Dancer

Oriol Dancer grew up on a farm at the edge of Canada’s oldest bird sanctuary in Southern Saskatchewan. The landscape was alive with inspiring hues of deep purple dragons tongue, turquoise, and flat prairie greens. The beauty of this natural landscape motivated Oriol to create artwork with nature, in nature which she refers to as “Earth Maintenance Art.” Dancer’s purpose is to support and assist the Earth through her creations, which act as vessels for her to discuss the inherent beauty of Nature. Living on the vast plains of Saskatchewan encouraged Oriol to experiment with various mediums and processes in collaboration with her surroundings.

“I work on the land or in the studio with spontaneity through the medium at hand. Transforming the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, as a mixed media artist it means my medium may be living in the community of its origins: grass, painting, drawing, crafting, object making, stitchery, beadwork, felting, crochet, knitting, sticks and snow… all these techniques are rich in their respective traditions. They are exciting and expansive when experienced as opportunities to transcend boundaries. Art has this capacity… through abstraction and creative thought, to open doors to examine and experiment with ideas that intellectual thought cannot encompass.”

Beadwork by Oriol Dancer

Dancer is excellent in her ability and courage to experiment with an array of mediums, each piece reflecting her thoughtful process and attention to detail. Dancer’s work is continuously evolving as she builds upon her experiences, her heritage, and her fascination with colour to tell stories and spark conversations.

Dancer always has a number of projects on the go. She is currently working on a submission for the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s touring exhibition Dimensions, as well as numerous beading projects. She has pieces traveling in the Walking with Our Sisters exhibition which is now on display in Halifax. Oriol Dancer will also have a piece in the upcoming exhibition All Beings Confluence coming to the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery from February 25th to April 1st, and her work can also be found in the Saskatchewan Craft Council Fine Craft Boutique.

Dancer giving an artist talk at the North Battleford ARC Artist Run Centre for the exhibition “Puppets and Imagination”