written by: Melissa Goodchild, Fine Arts Assistant, Saskatoon Public Library


Who hasn’t been creatively stuck or uninspired at one point in their life? There are a number of books in the Fine Arts Department at the Frances Morrison Central Library downtown to get your creative juices flowing including this book: Creative Block.

Call number: 701.15 KRYS

The author Danielle Krysa is an artist herself and the writer of the blog “The Jealous Curator”. Krysa admired many artists for their works but struggled with negative feelings towards her own creative work. Creative Block uses that admiration to help others get back in the creative saddle.

This book is full of information about many active artists from a variety of fine arts disciplines. Each artist has a short biography, some questions and answers from interviews, beautiful colour pictures of samples from their work and finally a project for you to try to get yourself inspired. Each project differs greatly in involvement and skill set but most have you leaving your comfort zone.

The printing tends to be a little small but the pictures are plentiful and varied. The layout is consistent so it’s easy to navigate from artist to artist. It is not the type of book that you read cover to cover but read in small sections and choose which project to tackle. Each entry has the name of the artist, their medium of choice, country of residence and website in case you would like to learn more about them.

This book was published in 2014 in soft cover and full of inspiration!