“Transitions 2017” by Brenda Watt

Written by: Brenda Watt, artist featured in “The Narrative Dish II” in SCC Gallery


I create porcelain ginger jars for the variety of form and spatial opportunities they provide. Each jar is thrown and shaped to carry a cyclical narrative around its surface providing an environment for describing time and place or exploring interior and exterior spatial relationships. The urban landscapes I paint on the jars include wildlife who share our homes and human-altered environments. My scenes are local city streets, businesses, city park areas and frequently my own backyard. Sometimes the wildlife in the paintings have a subtle presence while the appearance and activity of others focus our attention and become primary subjects in the scene.

I recognize our urban wildlife as indicators of increasing anthropogenic habitat change. The paintings portray their activity in our cities as both a joy to observe and a reminder for environmental concern.

– Brenda Watt