Submitted by: Vivian Orr, Communications and Publications Coordinator

If you missed the Kick Off for Park(ing) Day on Thurs, Sept 18, you missed a great presentation by Reid Henry, President and CEO of cSPACE Projects.
“Reid has over 16 years of experience working at the intersection of urban, cultural and economic development with a focus on non-profit real estate projects. … Recently appointed as the first President and CEO of cSPACE Projects, Reid is leading the development of a network of large scale, multi-disciplinary creative workspaces in Calgary, Alberta.” cSPACE
cSPACE King Edward School
Substitute “Saskatoon” in cSPACE Projects Mission and Vision statements and you get a glimpse of what artSpace Saskatoon is aiming for:
Our Mission
We believe that Calgary’s creative talent is our most valuable and adaptable resource in making a more vibrant city.
But we know Calgary is a challenging environment for emerging artists, small non-profits and early-stage social entrepreneurs. If our city is to be home to a diversity of creative talent, we must focus on a strategy to connect people and their ideas through places that fuel creativity, foster community, ignite collaboration and inspire change.
Our Vision
We envision Calgary as a city where all forms of creative enterprise thrive.
Through our leadership, new generations of Calgary’s creative talent will be nurtured, neighbourhoods will flourish and bold ideas will be realized. Our city’s vibrancy will inspire and engage the world.cSPACEReid gave an overview of how they were able to engage the community, find shareholders, build partnerships and trust. He said their model of social enterprise is based on 4 C’s:1. CREATIVITY and the conditions that enable it to flourish – we rethink space as a platform for creative purpose
2. COMMUNITY and the transformative power of engaged citizens – we connect creativity and community for the benefit of both
3. COLLABORATION and the innovation this unlocks – we seek out diverse and meaningful partnerships to shape our projects
4. CHANGE and the culture that fosters it – we cultivate a wide view of sustainability to amplify our impact

Reid’s presentation was inspiring – but more importantly, it was very concrete and based in the hard realities of financial sustainability.

As they say:
“As a social enterprise, the cSPACE business model blends community stewardship with entrepreneurial agility. Our focus on environmental sustainability, heritage adaptive reuse and urban place-making generates immense community and economic value. As a result, cSPACE is able to mobilize and leverage diverse sources of capital to develop our projects.
We collaborate extensively with government, foundations, individual philanthropists and the private sector. Once in operation, cSPACE projects balance affordability and cost-recovery to deliver a viable operation, requiring no ongoing subsidy.” cSPACEI was impressed at how multi-layered their business model is. They are providing many different ways for various people, goups, organizations and governments to connect and buy into the project. Whether it is saving a local historic building from demolition; upgrading the building through ecologically friendly and sustainable technology; creating a business incubator for new entrepreneurs; including not only artists’ studios but live/work studio spaces as well; designing an outdoor plaza that can host ACAD and other art shows – even in the dead of winter, they are purposely building a web of connections that help grow, fund and sustain the project.
cSPACE King Edward School
I left the presentation thinking cSPACE is being run by smart, experienced professionals. If you want to learn more about their King Edward project or others like it, check out the links at artSpace Saskatoon Places to Find InspirationIf nothing else look at Toronto Artscape.Reid developed and managed the consulting practice of Artscape, a non-profit urban development organization. During his time with Artscape, Reid led a diverse range of building feasibility studies, urban district planning frameworks, arts facility policy development initiatives and cultural/creative sector research projects.Then think about how amazing something like this would be for Saskatoon and remember artSpace Saskatoon.