Submitted by: Maia Stark & Leslie Potter, SCC Exhibitions & Education Coordinators


"Woman Broken" by Nancy Grummet

“Woman Broken” by Nancy Grummet

“When Clay Studio Three approached us for an exhibition to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, we thought it would be especially fitting considering the SCC was also celebrating 40 years.

In discussions with Clay Studio Three about the content of the exhibition, we agreed that members would be encouraged to “branch out” from their production mode and focus on “one of a kind” pieces.

When we later met with Clay Studio Three to select the pieces, we were overwhelmed with the quality, variety, and sheer quantity of objects in front of us. The selected exhibition represents different groups and intentions: the installation, a table with 11 place settings and centre pieces, is done by the current membership, and displays the variety and skills of this creative group. Scattered throughout the space are independent and collaborative works from members which play with, explore, or push the sculptural and functional form. Past members are also represented in the exhibition, which portrays the history of the group – some pieces are over 35 years old. This rich history also provides the viewer with a visual perspective and context to the Studio’s beginnings.

"Mid Day Mod" by Paula Cooley

“Mid Day Mod” by Paula Cooley

We commend the members of Clay Studio Three for creating such a visual feast within these gallery walls. And a special thank you for the actual feast we enjoyed before selecting the works.”

– Maia Stark & Les Potter


The Clay Studio Three 40th Anniversary Exhibition will be in Affinity Gallery until July 11! To view photos from the exhibition, view the exhibition page on our website.

Clay Studio Three Poster