Country Wives & Daughters of the Country: Métis Women of This Land

Lii Faam di Piyii pi lii Fii di Piyii: Lii Faam Michif di nutr Piyii


The Saskatchewan Craft Council (SCC) is pleased to present Country Wives & Daughters of the Country: Métis Women of this Land, an exhibition of work from visual artist Leah Marie Dorion in Affinity Gallery (813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon). You can find more information and photos of the work here.


Artist Statement

Leah Marie Dorion "Singing to the Aspen" 2015; Acrylic, Mica on canvas; NFS

Leah Marie Dorion “Singing to the Aspen” 2015; Acrylic, Mica on canvas; Not For Sale.

Recognizing our shared past is an important way to give cultural continuity, identity, and knowledge to forthcoming generations of children. This collection of thirty three art works celebrates historical Métis women, who contributed in many ways to fur trade society.  Until recently the role of Métis women in Canadian history remained generally unacknowledged by our collective society. In standard history books about Métis people, the Métis women were commonly referred to in the historical record as the “Country Wives” and “Daughters of the Country.” Over time their stories and voices have become marginalized in an increasing patriarchal and colonized society.

This art show is a celebration of Métis women and provides contemporary representations of women’s traditional roles in historic Métis society. Our Métis women are still contributing to our national development and we have a proud tradition of sharing, caring, and kindness to celebrate with others.  It is time to draw inspiration and strength from the courage and lives of Métis grandmothers and mothers of the past so society can restore the power to our women, so future generations of children can learn to respect the land, understand women’s connection to the land, respect other cultural beliefs and values, and teach about the traditional Métis way of life in a more creative and balanced manner.

– Leah Marie Dorion, Métis Artist


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