Bonny Macnab


Bonny Macnab has been an artist all her life. Growing up on the west coast in Canada she found out in school she excelled in art and all the variations of creativity it had to offer. After graduation she moved to the prairies where the wide open space, living close to the boreal forest and the long winters provide perfect opportunity to develop her skills. Her most recognized and awarded medium has been portraits in watercolor. She has been able to carry this into silk and finds that the silk provides another dimension to her work thru the movement of the fabric. Bonny found technically skilled silk painters and studied with them. She also attends retreats thought out the year with other accomplished artists that provides inspiration and knowledge. Bonny also host many classes and retreat to continue the shared learning and teaching. Mapleridge Gallery and studio overlooks a coulee where you can see rolling hills for miles.

Artist Statement

Everywhere I see beauty and emotion “in” the untold story. My intention with my art is to add interest to the “normal” with shape color and brush stroke. Silk adds a third dimension, as well as movement to my work. Mary Edna Fraser inspired my idea and encouraged me to work with large pannels. I went to Santa Fe New Mexico to learn the process of dying silk. My hope is the viewer gets addicted to my curiosity of what is “in” life, and adds to the extraordinary pleasure of why I create.


Silk Artisan

Phone: 306.845.7133
Facebook: Bonny Macnab
Retail Representation:

Allen Sapp Gallery, North Battleford, SK
Western Development Museum, North Battleford, SK
Empress Decore and Flooring, North Battleford, SK
First Avenue Funishings, Saskatoon, SK
Red Lotus Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Prairie Unique, Saskatoon Airport, SK
Highlights Hair Studio, Turtleford, SK
Lloydminster Cultural & Science Center, Lloydminster, SK
Resort at Cypress Hills, Cyress Hills, SK
Yvette Moore Gallery, Moose Jaw, SK
Paradise Hill Ranch & Western Wear, Paradise Hill, SK


Chapel Gallery, North Battleford
Silk Painters International