Emily Mason

My love of textiles has been with me since I was a little girl. They have always brought great comfort to me while their texture, color, and tactile qualities have gifted me the ability to freely express my story and experiences. I use color, pattern, weave, weight, strength, and vulnerability of fabrics to express my emotions. The intimacy of hand sewing, and the investment of time affords me the freedom to contemplate my ideas and thoughts.
My work has evolved over the years to be the balance of smaller time intensive pieces that are deeply personal and vulnerable with more commercially focused pieces that protect, warm and ornament. These would be scarves that I also use to experiment with dyes, color, images and allow me to experiment and explore what the fabrics will do.

I was a professional custom textile dyer in theatre and film for fifteen years and ran my own business called Dye Pro Services which gave me a lot of exposure to working with color, color mixing, and an assortment of ten of thousands of meters of textiles and many different types of dyes and dye processes.

I have developed a confidence with my medium that is second nature to me now however, I have the utmost respect for my craft, knowing I still have so much to learn and explore. Being part of a community of like-minded peers is what is most important to me now where we can share ideas, techniques, and passions.