Judi Gay


Judi GayI had been a knitter almost as long as I could remember when I was introduced to Saori weaving by Terri Bibby on Saltspring Island. I was immediately entranced by the history and philosophy of Saori. Started in Japan by Misao Jo in the 1960’s, the form follows four tenets: Consider the differences between a human being and a machine, be bold and adventurous, look out through eyes that shine, and inspire one another and everyone in the group. The Saori way is sharing and celebrating, experimentation and enthusiasm, and embracing our own imperfections not as imperfections, but as expressions of our innermost selves As a Saori weaver, I  weave without intention, using handspun and commercial fibres and materials to “weave my heart”. Loops of thread, uneven, rippling edges, wildly varying textures- all acceptable, even celebrated. Creativity takes precedence over following a set pattern. The fabric dictates the use: a scarf, a garment, a wall hanging, a table runner… I never know what the final outcome will be.

My Saori journey is taking me down exciting paths of textures and colours, and it is my wish to share the joy I feel in my weaving with a wider community.

I am fairly new to the “show scene”, and have sold at Art in the Park, the Western Development Museum Christmas Craft Show, and the Saskatoon Spinners’ and Weavers’ Guild Fall Show and Sale.  I have had work exhibited at the International Saori Conference in Peachtree City, Georgia.



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