Sheryl Salen

I have been creating and exploring all facets of the arts my entire life. My first explorations were devoted to dance, theatre and music. As an arts educator for the last 20 years, I now share my passion for the arts with my students. Exposure to many artistic mediums has occurred through the creative process of working with young artists and through the USCAD program at the U of S. I now focus my studio work on the exploration of both fused glass and encaustic painting.

I love glass! I am fascinated by the rich history of glass and the variety of techniques that have been used by artisans for thousands of years to create a broad range of pieces that could be functional or aesthetic in nature or both. I love the spontaneity and unexpected in creating and pushing the boundaries of what I know glass to be able to do. But, it was the moment when the kiln lid was opened for the first time and I saw the transformation that had occurred during the melting process that excited me the most. That transformation of a piece that been broken and ground and then melted into something new, strong and beautiful was to me spiritual and representative of our human journey.


Phone: (306) 716-3797
Instagram: @sherylsalen

Gallery representation:
Northern Lights Gallery, Melfort, SK