William Popiel

william-popielI have always been excited by the interplay of colour and light coming through stained glass. Glass has a unique ability to be an opaque to transparent solid of varying character. This allows for dynamic depth of field effects (reflection and refraction) that can change with the light angle and the intensity of both the light and colour. Other glass working processes can be used to enhance the detail intended in the imagery. From the penciled concept to a finished form, which coalesces selected properties and shapes, this medium is both challenging and exciting… Visually, light and colour can influence our moods and feelings. Through the magic of color frequency, geometry, and form, glass truly can move your soul.

I started in stained glass at a beginner’s class in Saskatoon in 1981. My glass art is created from hand sketches and drawings I prepare, using a workflow that starts with pencil, charcoal and paper and evolves into computer graphics and cartoons. My glass art can have elements worked by: glass blowing, fusing, sandblasting, lead sculpting, lead overlay, silk screening, and glass painting methods.

Presently, I have been focusing on designs incorporating subject content from various paths of spirituality and colour energy theory. I am exploring various aspects of the well-known Christian icon of the fish both in painting with stained glass colours and fused in glass. I am also producing a series of work entitled “Symbols”. This explores script symbols of purpose, power and intent used by oracles, sages and others through the ages.


Gallery Representation:
SCC Fine Craft Boutique, Saskatoon, SK