Saskatchewan Craft Council Market Policy


  • must be a current SCC member in good standing with Juried status at both the time of application and at the time of the market
  • may only offer items for sale in their booth that have been juried – i.e. a fused glass artist juried under the “Glass” jury criteria cannot sell glass jewellery unless the jewellery has also been juried under the “Jewellery” jury criteria
  • is expected to provide their own professional quality booth, display material and signage
  • is responsible for providing their own lighting and display equipment, unless otherwise indicated on the market application form
  • may only set up their display within the confines of the booth space they have paid for. Marketers expanding their display area beyond their space, without prior approval from the SCC Market Coordinator, will be billed by the square foot for use of additional space, at a rate consistent with the regular booth fee
  • may not display Sale signage at any SCC markets (ex. Sale, % off) without prior approval from the SCC Market Coordinator
  • may not shut their booth or begin packing until the market has officially closed, as a courtesy to customers and a general professional practice. Marketers violating this policy may lose booth placement privileges for the following year. Repeat offenders will be asked not to return to the market the next year
  • (or an approved designate) must be present in the booth at all times during market hours
  • is responsible for their own booth security: the SCC does not accept any responsibility for work lost, stolen or damaged
  • assures they have legal title to the works and certifies that the works do not contravene the provisions of THE COPYRIGHT ACT, THE TRADEMARK ACT or any provisions of THE CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA

Market booth fees are due and payable to the Saskatchewan Craft Council by the due date stated on the market application. Late payment charges may be applied. Marketers who have not paid in full (including late payment fees) by the market date(s) will not be allowed to set up for the market.

When space allows, the SCC Market Coordinator will honour booth requests as outlined in the application form. In addition to booth size and corner requests, the Marketer sometimes has the option to request the same booth space they had at the market the previous year. This request will be honoured when:

  • The application is submitted by the market due date
  • The marketer has paid their booth fees in full by the payment due date

In cases where the Marketer takes a year or more off from the market, they understand that they forfeit their claim to their previously held booth space, and will be placed in the next available booth that is within their requested parameters, to the best of the market coordinator’s ability.

Where space is at a premium (i.e. there are more applicants than available booth space), booth requests will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis (based on date application is received)

Approved by the SCC Board of Directors: December 13, 2012