Founding Members

In 2015, the SCC celebrated its 40th anniversary. In 1975, fifty-seven Saskatchewan artisans organized themselves into a determined force with a single voice and a common purpose. That purpose was to promote and raise the profile of Saskatchewan artisans, improve the quality of work produced, and facilitate communication among the membership. Each of these people donated just $5 to this cause and the Saskatchewan Craft Council was born. You can read more about our history here.

To celebrate this milestone, our board members and staff came together to conduct interviews with as many of these founding members as we could. We were interested in these founders’ thoughts around why we came into being and their insights for the future.


To read the  interviews we published, please click on the founder’s names below:

The rest of the founders are:


  • Helen Cooke
  • Charley Farrero
  • Wendy Allard
  • Christel Barber
  • Shirley Bracewell
  • Pat Burns
  • Ruth Caron
  • Walter Charabin
  • Robert Dalby
  • Elly Danica
  • Margaret Deincombe
  • Dorothy Doepker
  • Julie Everett
  • Sollie Kanders
  • Olesia Kowalsky
  • Judith Kunamen
  • Karen Leitch
  • Margot Lindsay
  • Dick Lobe
  • Robert Oeuvrard
  • Joe Oliver
  • Wendy Parsons
  • Pam Perry
  • Wayne Pollock
  • Emma Radfelder
  • Robert Roycroft
  • Carrie Shapiro
  • Sue Smart
  • Maria Stewart
  • Jim Thornsbury
  • Debby Turnbull
  • Doris Tweddell
  • Bobbie Tyrell
  • Lucretia Umholtz
  • Ruth Welsh
  • Larry Zabneski
  • Rosalie  Zagorin
  • Marline Zora