Submitted by: Melody Armstrong, SCC member and jewellery artist



This piece is my submission for the award design for the Saskatchewan Arts Awards.

“Presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Saskatchewan Arts Awards (formerly the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Awards) celebrates the achievements of individuals, groups and organizations in all arts disciplines. Recipients are given awards in seven categories.” More information.

Project Description:


Celebrating the amazing talent in the province of Saskatchewan.

Creativity has no boundaries, there are limitless possibilities for new ideas and wonderful art and fine craft to manifest from endless ideas and inspiration.

This award represents the concept that you can create whatever you want in your life and that there is a limitless amount of possibilities out there that are achievable by an optimistic creative mind.  Encouraging artists to reach beyond, pushing their own boundaries and enjoy limitless creative outcomes.   It is a much about the process involved as the final outcome which then continues to inspire and be appreciated by others.


  • The shape of this piece represents the province of Saskatchewan, the land of living skies.
  • The bottom represents the golden fields, with the clouds above.
  • The clouds are reaching high to also be incorporated in the clasp.
  • Names and award titles can be stamped onto the back or even on the sides of the piece.
  • This is intended as a pendant with the silk ribbon which could either be shades of blue or autumn leave colours, but could also be a key chain or stand alone as a small sculptural piece.


Sterling silver, Kuem-boo 23.5 karat gold, silk ribbon.



  • Design notes, working out ideas and creating the pattern.
  • Scoring and bending the side walls.
  • Different soldering steps; side walls first, then back plate, then front.
  • Trimming with the jewellers saw, removing excess silver sheet.
  • Soldering on the cloud and field elements.