Cindy Lea Hoppe

I was born and raised on a farm west of Saskatoon. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and worked for 3 years on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that focused on painting. I was also learning crafts by helping my mother attend craft shows as a teenager in the beginning years of the Saskatchewan Crafts Council organization. I married a farmer north of Biggar, Saskatchewan and continued exploring craft mediums.  As my mother’s interest in pottery changed into fibre, I moved from making pottery jewelry into transforming my mother’s weaving into jackets with hand knitting. When mom changed gears again and left weaving to become a felter, our paths diverged and I remained with woven materials.

I have a deep appreciation of the beauty and durability of wool and silk and restrict myself to these materials for my fibre art.  Mom and I supported each other artistically, technically and emotionally in our exploration of this medium. I am self taught and would describe what I do as painting with a sewing machine.

I am focusing more on wall hangings and liturgical art these days. My material is hand dyed, machine embroidered and quilted.  Much of it is re-purposed, recycled fabric from second hand stores, although these days I am also purchasing new material in order to get the width of skies or yardage for large projects. Fibre as a medium has an earth and air quality to it because it absorbs light rather than reflecting it like paint and photography, and that is part of what inspires me every day.


  • Graduated from High School in Landis, Saskatchewan, 1975
  • Almost 3 years of classes in a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan, late 70’s and early 80’s
  • Workshop in fibre arts with Maggie Grey, noted English embroidery artist in Manchester, England in 1996
  • Workshop in Haliburton Summer School of the Arts with Marsha Geddes, 1997
  • Worked collaboratively with noted Saskatchewan felt artist, mother Myrna Harris, learning how to dye and repurpose recycled materials for many years until Myrna’s death in 2009


  • Pottery jewelry in the ’70s and early ’80s
  • Knitting and fashioning weaving into garments from mid ’80s to ’90s
  • Knitting and re-purposing recycled wovens into jackets ’90s to present
  • Wall hangings and liturgical work from 2000 on
  • Member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council for many years


  • Pieces in “Dimensions;” juried showcase of Saskatchewan Craft in the province: 1986, 1990, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2008, 2015
  • 1991: Organization of Saskatchewan Art Council’s group show provincial tour
  • 2000: Kore:  Group show of Biggar artists and poet; Biggar Museum and Gallery, Chapel Gallery North Battleford.
  • 2000: Discovery Gallery, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton; 2 person show with Myrna Harris
  • 2008: April show in Biggar Museum and Gallery
  • 2008: October Pacific Gallery Show in Saskatoon with Myrna Harris
  • 2010: October Pacific Gallery Show in Saskatoon with Sharon Larson
  • 2015: participant in January Fibre Show in Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery
  • 2015: March 30-May 30, Handmade House in Saskatoon
  • 2015: July-August, part of Weyburn, Saskatchewan Fibre Art Walk
  • 2015: October show in Biggar Museum and Gallery with Michaela Hoppe
  • 2016: April show in Biggar Museum and Gallery with other local artists
  • 2016: September Art Now, Saskatoon
  • 2017: September Art Now, Regina


  • 1990 Best in Hand Knitting Award, Dimensions
  • 2002 Best in Fibre Award, Dimensions
  • 2008 Saskatchewan Craft Council Merit Award, Dimensions

Cindy’s work is available at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery Boutique and Handmade House in Saskatoon. She also sells out of her home and does commissioned work. She regularly participates in Wintergreen, a Saskatchewan Craft Council Market in Regina, Saskatchewan in November and the Sundog Arts and Entertainment Faire, on the first weekend in December in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Address: Box 1395 Biggar, SK S0K 0M0
Phone: 306.948.2947
Cell: 306.948.7147

Gallery representation:
SCC Fine Craft Boutique, Saskatoon, SK
Handmade House, Saskatoon, SK