Erin Pell


Erin Pell is a glass artist based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, with over two decades of experience working with hot glass. She has always felt a deep connection with nature and its balance between resilience and fragility. Her work is inspired by this connection, and the strong bond and associations we have with them. I don’t attempt to make exact replicas of nature but reflect the feel and emotion of each plant.

The technique I employ is known as lampworking. It entails melting and sculpting glass rods in the flame of a propane and oxygen torch. I craft each piece without the use of molds or presses, relying solely on a few hand tools like shears and tweezers. This approach ensures that every piece has a distinctively organic feel, making each unique.


Facebook: Glassy Eyed
Instagram: @glassyeyed
TikTok: @erin.pell

Gallery Representation

Handmade House
Traditions Handcraft Gallery
Field and Fable
Glass Roots