Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet

Canadian Artist Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in the small farming community of St. Denis, Saskatchewan. Escaping the hectic city life of Vancouver, British Columbia, she and her husband Emile relocated to Saskatchewan where they have made it their home. Here she has settled and is now able to create what she loves: beautiful art.

Jeanne d’Arc has always had a passion for art, but was only able to pursue her love of painting once her children left the nest. Her creations are the result of applying layer upon layer of oil paint on canvas. This enables her to create a softness that makes her paintings come alive. “To be able to paint is the greatest gift. It enables me to capture a moment in time and to truly do what I love.” Her paintings have received awards and hang in various private collections in Canada, US and Europe.


Phone: 306.585.1886