Kevin Hogarth

Kevin Hogarth was thirteen years old when he decided to become a photographer. He graduated from the Swift Current Comprehensive High School in 1977. In 1979 he was accepted into the Photographic Technician course at the Red River Community College in Winnipeg. He graduated with a certificate in 1980. Today, he has more the forty years of experience as a professional photographer.

In 1982, Kevin moved to Saskatoon and created his own photography business. In 1989 he constructed one of Saskatoon’s largest commercial studios. He incorporated his business in 1996. When the City of Saskatoon changed the zoning bylaw to allow home-based photography studios legal in 2011, he sold his commercial studio and built a new live-work studio in Saskatoon’s Montgomery Place area.

As a photographer he has gained a great deal of experience working out of a low density populated area. Our market is too small to specialize exclusively in one style of shooting. He has had hair fashion images published internationally, produced promotional material for recording artists including The Northern Pikes, the Sheepdogs, and Sam Roberts. He has a creative mind and enjoys working on fresh concepts with advertising agencies. He feels comfortable shooting in the studio and he has worked with many of the best of Saskatchewan’s craft artists. Since his first spark in becoming a photographer, he has always wanted to become an artist. He has decided to pursue this desire into his semi-retirement years.


Phone: (306) 652-4950