Tabata Bagatim


Art has been an essential part of Tabata’s life. Growing up in Brazil, she was fortunate to have a mother that identified her passion for art at an early age, encouraged, and enrolled her in art programs. Tabata’s mother worked diligently and sacrificed in order to provide her with opportunities that few of her peers had available to them. Art history and theory was an integral part of the teachings Tabata received as a young child in Brazil. She was fortunate to have a dedicated art teacher who encouraged exploration, nurtured creativity, and introduced her to various art movements, medias and renowned Brazilian artists. Prior to arriving in Saskatchewan, Tabata was a full-time potter in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 3 years, where she mostly focused on the Raku surface decoration technique. She always loved raku because of it’s rich tradition and the beauty of the unknown with the pieces.

Since arriving in Saskatchewan in 2012, Tabata has been actively engaged in reigniting and honing her artistic skills, reconnecting with clay in 2018 after finishing her Master’s Degree was a pivotal moment that allowed her to dive into the world of sculpture and expand her artistic horizons.