Exhibition Schedule


Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery is a public art gallery located on the main floor of the SCC office building at 813 Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our aim is to provide 6 to 8 exhibitions annually. Exhibitions reflect craft history and current practice. SCC Gallery is Saskatchewan’s only public exhibition gallery dedicated solely to the celebration of contemporary craft as an art form. For more information on showing your work in SCC Gallery, check out our Exhibitions Applications page.

SCC Gallery & Boutique Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5 pm

Closed: Sundays and STAT Holidays.

Touch the Conversation

September 4 – November 13, 2021

Touch the Conversation by ceramic artist, Grace Han, uses competing elements of fragility and durability, scale, and interaction in order to foster an authentic conversation with her audience. The desire for this authentic conversation is born from Han’s experience of moving to Canada from South Korea and encountering language and cultural barriers – the process of making has become Han’s own language, which Han invites us to participate in.

The Moving Heart

November 20 – January 8, 2022

The Moving Heart is a collaborative project between visual artist, Karlie King, and dance artist, Ashley Johnson, using parallel research techniques into the anatomy of the heart, as expressed through story, memory and association.