“mother of two” by Carole Epp

Written by: Carole Epp, Coordinator and artist in “The Narrative Dish II” in SCC Gallery


Motherhood as a theme has crept more and more into my work over the last eleven years. It makes sense that the older my kids get the more they in turn influence me. We are at a stage of very difficult conversations with our kids. As parents we’ve decided not to shield them from the realities of the world — but that means that the kids ask some pretty difficult questions. This series is the first time I’ve combined the darker themes of my sculptural work with the whimsy and illustrative style of my functional wares. I feel in many ways that this body of work is the two parts of my creative process finally being in conversation.

“the unseen” by Carole Epp

Analysis of politics, social, and environmental concerns through functional ceramics allows me to engage with difficult topics through common, everyday objects. None of us want to be confronted with the devastation that humanity can cause, but we cannot remain indifferent and inactive when so many suffer around us. Learning how to use my privilege to empower others, rather than to shield and protect my family, is going to be a lifelong journey of self-criticism and growth. It’s a journey we’ve begun together as a family, often through dinner time conversations. I’m certain the innocence and open mindedness my children teach me is in equal proportion to the lessons that my life experience allows me to teach them. This work presented as part of The Narrative Dish is in response to a number of lived experiences and discussions in our family.

– Carole Epp