Past Exhibitions


Saskatchewan Flame: Wood-Fired Ceramics

October 03 to November 23, 2008

Curated by: Charley Farrero

The exhibition “Saskatchewan Flame” presents the works and kilns of the Saskatchewan makers who used wood for firing their wares. For centuries and all over the world, wood has been the only available fuel used by potters to transform their clay creations into permanent wares. Only recently, other fuels have been used for that purpose.
Modern ceramists have also used wood firing and the melted ashes deposited during that process as an aesthetic choice.

From Peter Rupchan and Nick Sarota pots (1920/30) to Randy Woosley (1985) and Martin Tagseth pots (2007), it is a varied and informative display of 36 works made by 25 makers and fired in 10 kilns.